NILESAT is missing from the list of satellites

Select “(1/3) Eutelsat 7/8W”.  This includes all channels from Nilesat and also the Eutelsat satellites which are located at the same orbital position.

I press OK in to start the installation but it fails.

Your satellite signals may be too weak. Check in the Antenna screen to make sure signal strength is at least 90%and signal quality is at least 50%. If these are values are too low then you may need a larger dish.

Signal strength and quality measurement bars are orange color.

This means you have not selected the correct LNB settings. If your installation is capable of receiving multiple satellites (for example, Nilesat and Hotbird and/or Badr, etc.), then you are probably using a DiSEqC switch. Try setting “1”, then “2”, then “3”, then “4”. If the lines turn green then you have the correct setting and you can proceed.

How do I install Hotbird?

Choose “2/3” from the Antenna menu, set the DiSEqC setting to the correct port, then press ok.

I want to install channels from a non satellite like Badr satellite or Astra, but I cannot see these satellites listed in the menu.

You should press the key at the bottom left of your remote. This switches the receiver into Freescan mode. Then press Menu and select installation. Now you will find all satellites listed.

I see only a few hours or program information.

Your receiver has missed several updates. You can update it as follows: [menu] => Installation => Maintenance. It is best to leave your receiver in standby mode during the night, then at 4am it will automatically update all program information.

I have some program information for today and tomorrow but I want to see more

Your receiver is operating in Standard mode. To store more program information you need to insert a USB stick to for additional storage. This can be any USB stick (even with very small capacity). Then choose [menu] => Installation => Maintenance.

I want to record one program while I watch another one

Unfortunately this is not possible because the EL-700 / 707 models use a single tuner. Echolink is developing a multi-tuner model which will allow you to record one program while watching another one. This will be release later in 2021.